PleinAire art, Hunting and Grace Before Meals

It was a beautiful morning and I’d been busy packing and preparing for my travel to visit familia in Mexico. I knew this was my last chance to capture a winter scene. I packed on my winter boots, warm layers, my backpack full of paints and my faithful dog. As I trudged thru the snow I couldn’t help but feel the exhilaration of spring on the horizon. I noticed a few robins flashing their bright red breasts, a woodpecker pecking for a snack and my dog was delighted to catch up to a few slow moving ground hogs (sorry hogs). I knew the scene I wanted to capture and was just trying to get the angle. My husband is an avid outdoorsman and excellent hunter. Bringing back much meat and filling out freezers. His Friends and family have never been without some kind of wild game to eat. As I trudged home I felt very grateful for the abundance of scenery. I felt connected to nature and to all who enjoy the outdoors, even If I hadn’t captured a scene as a hunter doesn’t always end a hunt with a kill. That evening, gathered around the table for our meal of venison, my husband and I partook in a ritual we’d grown up with and taught our children. Mike and I were the only ones gathered (with Ruger at our feet and grown children) we bowed our heads and said our grace before meals. I thought I heard my words of thanksgiving echoing throughout the generations. Whatever it is you do, what is life enjoyed if you can’t have a grateful heart?

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I love being outdoors, backpack full of paints and in search of beauty. It's my passion to capture a scene with my paint brush then bring the vibrance and beauty of nature indoors and shared at an affordable price.

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