About me

“Maria is an artist who lives in rural Idaho. She dedicated her life to drawing pictures that reflect and enhance the beauty of nature and her surroundings.” Bernard Denke

Maria Ressler

My mother said I was born with a pencil in my hand. Art is without a doubt my first love. I’ve never been far from workshops, lessons, teacher or anything to do with the arts. Working in watercolors, oils, pastels, and now my favorite, acrylics.

I enjoyed pastels while helping my husband, Mike, run our business and raising our family. Upon learning of my aptitude in the arts I was volunteered to teach art at St. Paul’s School in Nampa while my five children attended. Then again when my daughter become a teacher from 2016-2018 running the art program for the middle school. It was fun working with all the young talents, I learned much.

A friend and artist, Andy White, rekindled my passion by inviting me to a Pleinaire competition in Driggs Idaho. My husband, Mike, encouraged me to try acrylics. With all my children raised and a sold business, this is a beautiful and rewarding time in my life. Beauty, brewskies and the backwoods, that’s where you will find me, nature has become my most beloved art teacher.

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