“Heaven on Earth” Dedicated to my best heavenly friends and confidant ❤️ 20×26 pastel
“What the World Needs” Dedicated to my magnificent Mexican Mother and heritage (10 of us!) 20×26 pastel
“Wild Flowers” Dedicated to my first Of 3 beautiful daughters 20×26 pastels
“Deep Devotion” Dedicated to my young friend Colton Mackey 18×24 Acrylic
“El Gallero” Pastel 20×24 Dedicated to my husband
Mike Ressler
“Morning Hugs” dedicated to all my precious Godchildren❤️
“Eyes on the Future” 10×14 watercolor Dedicated to my wise and savvy sons
“Banking on Heaven“ Banks Idaho 15×30 acrylic Dedicated to my Dad Frank Denke❤️

Dedicated to Frank Denke

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