“Just One More Step”

I’m not sure why, but it seems every year around Holy Week, something happens that makes me struggle. There’s a hardship, a challenge a pandemic, something?! Although I’d like it to go away, I’ve found that if I lean into it, I find a contemplative space and a place of creativity and compassion towards all those who encounter sufferings or hardships. We are all on this earthly journey together. As a Christian Nation who better to identify and unite sufferings than the figure of Savior. A God-man that used his powers to heal, who could’ve used those same powers to destroy those torturing him . Why suffer… is it because we know a better good can be accomplished or to show love, a way to unify?! Easter Sunday, is around the corner. For now let me just sit here, take it in and look at the face of love.

Published by Mariaresslerart.com

I love being outdoors, backpack full of paints and in search of beauty. It's my passion to capture a scene with my paint brush then bring the vibrance and beauty of nature indoors and shared at an affordable price.

One thought on ““Just One More Step”

  1. Maria, what a timely entry and absolutely stunning picture. You know it’s a work of art when it evokes a stirring of love, compassion, sadness. Thank you so very much for sharing!

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