Beautifully Dysfunctional

After several days of gloomy winter weather. Mike said let’s go for a drive. We loaded the grown kids, the dogs a couple of brewskies and I snuck in my backpack full of paints as Mike threw in his fishing pole. We drove an hour up the mighty Salmon river till Mike saw a good fishing spot. He immediately got to his spot as the rest of us literally slipped thru the rocks and mud. I found a good view of the river, set up my paints and balanced my beer on a rock. The kids started the rigmarole of starting a fire in a drizzle..Mike missed the only fish in the river, the kids blew a couple of lungs trying to get the fire goin’, the dog was shaking like a leaf. My paints were dripping off the pallet and as I reached for my beer I knocked all my paints and brushes into a crack in the rocks. As I looked at the crazy scene in front of me, it still took my breathe away ! I gazed at the incredible beauty of the majestic river and everyone I loved displayed in my view. I finished my scene in studio, smiling at the memories.

“Winter on the Salmon” 8×10

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I love being outdoors, backpack full of paints and in search of beauty. It's my passion to capture a scene with my paint brush then bring the vibrance and beauty of nature indoors and shared at an affordable price.

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