The Trail Between Friends 9×12 Most of the people here enjoy trailing between cabins and enjoy a fun Mountain kinship. Mackay Bar, Idaho $250
Mountain Cathedral 9×12 Have you ever stood in a place and felt a sense of reverence? Salmon Rive, Idaho $285
“Idaho Widflowers” 5×7 kinda a noisy bunch when they all appear at the same time! $85
“Mountain Shack” 8×10 framedI’m sure there’s a story! $285

“High Plains Drifter” 8×10 framedNeed say no more if your from Casper Wyoming $285

Winter on the Salmon 8×10
Where’s The Cows 8×10
Snow Butte 8×10
The Gang 11X14
Two For One -or in other words, married!
No Guff About It 11×14 framed
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