Hidden Cascade

It wasn’t my first adventure with the Wyoming brothers and was hoping that it wasn’t going to be my last either! So I hurried along and tried not to be annoying. I love the outdoors and hanging with My husbands bro. He always knows the coolest hidden places! They took time off to fish a few brookies and catch a beer. I carried my pack of paints and did a sketch of the creek and my heart took a picture of the brothers with glistening bodies on the end of hooks. Greg said it been years since he’d been to this secret waterfalls! He meandered around and my eyes kept being distracted by all the wildflowers and bright patches of Indian Paintbrush. We turned into a deep canyon with a creek twisting through it. I strutted along noticing all the beauty and colors on the rock walls. As we turned a corner I heard a rush of falling water and my heart skippped a beat. A beautiful cascade of water sparkled through the colorful rocks, catching a few rays and and my heart cascaded with delight! Gosh, I’m glad they’re are still these hidden gems. Makes for a little bit of Heaven here in Earth! I want to go again so there ain’t no tellin’ where I painted this one!

Published by Mariaresslerart.com

I love being outdoors, backpack full of paints and in search of beauty. It's my passion to capture a scene with my paint brush then bring the vibrance and beauty of nature indoors and shared at an affordable price.

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